Common Problems with an Xbox Console

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Failure to turn on Several users complain at Casper computer repair in Bradford of their Xbox failing to turn on, or even if it turns on, it shuts off again before reaching the home screen. This can happen due to power cuts or issues with the device’s electrical circuits. However, an Xbox can also refuse to turn on due to …

The best graphics cards of 2017

The best graphics cards of 2017

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Upgrade your PC with one of the top graphics cards The graphics processing unit (GPU), otherwise known as the video card or simply the graphics card, is an essential piece to the PC puzzle if you’re looking to game. Especially if you aim to pull off the high-resolution textures featured in the likes of Fallout 4, you’re going to need only …

Avoid and remove potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)

Avoid and remove potentially unwanted programs

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Dodge toolbars, browser add-ons and other unwanted programs when installing free software What are potentially unwanted programs? We’re sure you’ve experienced it – You download a piece of free software, then open your browser to discover a strange toolbar has been added, your default search provider has been changed, or your homepage has been hijacked. You’ve picked up a PUP, …

iOS 9 features and news

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Here are the iOS 9 features for Apple’s iPhone and iPad update iOS 9 is Apple’s latest update that’s now available to download your iPhone and iPad, and it bringing a smarter Siri, Apple Maps transit directions, true multitasking and new built-in apps. iOS 9 officially launched Wednesday, September 16 and can be loaded onto your Apple device through the …

Windows 10: release date, price, news and features

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You have to wonder if Microsoft’s been a little bit Machiavellian with Windows. By giving everyone the much-derided Windows 8, which managed to be a bit rubbish and annoying on touch-screen and desktops alike, it’s now reinstating a whole bunch of features for Windows 10, making it feel like the company’s saving Windows and listening to what we want. Whatever …

Heartbleed bug: Check which sites have been patched

Heartbleed bug: Check which sites have been patched

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We compiled a list of the top 100 sites across the Web, and checked to see if the Heartbleed bug was patched. The Heartbleed bug is serious. Disclosed less than two days ago, the Heartbleed bug has sent sites and services across the Internet into patch mode. For an in-depth explanation of what exactly Heartbleed is, and what it does, …

iOS 7.1 jailbroken but only on the iPhone 4

iOS 7.1 jailbroken but only on the iPhone 4

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Demoed in a YouTube video, the untethered jailbreak works on the latest version of iOS, though devices with A5 chips or higher apparently are out of the running for now. An enterprising hacker has jailbroken iOS 7.1, at least as seen on a YouTube video. Posted by self-dubbed “insane programmer” winocm, the silent video shows a jailbroken iPhone 4 powering up in …