It all begins with a trustworthy repairing partner!


Looking to fix your computer’s broken screen? Want to get rid of PC/laptop hardware issues that rear their ugly heads every now and then? What about turbocharging your computer’s speed to complete your tasks fast?
Our laptop repair shop in Bradford has got you covered!

Combining years of experience, tech knowhow, and dedication in one place, we eliminate all kinds of issues affecting your PCs/laptops and take their performance to the next level.

Our ability to cultivate Cisco and Microsoft certified specialists, coupled with an innovative mind focused on solving your problems, enables us to repair your PCs with uncompromising accuracy.

Whether you’re an individual experiencing overheating issues or a business owner wanting to upgrade all your systems’ components, Casper Computer Repair has the expertise and tools to help you get you there.
From managing your systems’ hardware issues to troubleshooting software problems, our laptop repair shop in Bradford does it all!

  • HDD replacement & data recovery.
  • Resolve any system booting & Windows fault.
  • Windows installation.
  • Overheating and system thermal cleaning.
  • Computer freezes & fail to start.
  • PC with pop-up’s starting with Windows.
  • PC running slow.
  • Blue-Screen issue.
  • Cannot get online & Wi-Fi disconnect.
  • Router configuration.
  • Software problems.
  • MS Outlook set up & troubleshooting.
  • RAM upgrade.
  • Power supply fault.
  • Mainboard repair & replacement.
  • Graphics cards upgrade & troubleshooting.
  • Build/rebuild any machine.