Uncovering Smart Ways To Fix Your Devices

Casper Computer Repair is the ultimate remedy to the everyday problems your devices have to deal with. Providing compatibly reliable repairing options for your devices in order to help you stay connected and updated, we’ve been serving the people of UK for the last 15 years. Our unique strength lies in identifying your specific problems, outlining a wide array of repairing strategies that meet your goals, and finally implementing a cost-efficient solution that hits the nail on the head.

Whether you want to fix software bugs from your PC, repair your broken laptop, supercharge the performance of your gaming consoles, build a customized computer, or are looking to fix your Apple devices, Casper Computer Repair is the partner you can confidently rely on.

Our Vision
Our unwavering passion for becoming a leading computer repair shop in Bradford shapes our vision. We want to be recognized as a top-trusted place where people can get their devices repaired without a hassle.

Our Mission
To provide unparalleled, best-in-class IT repairing services in Bradford that completely transform the way people use technology.

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Arsen Kasparov