PS5 repair service



Don’t let a malfunctioning HDMI port on your PS5 put a pause on your gaming adventures!

Casper computer repair is here to get your console back in action within a 1 working days. We specialise in fixing all the typical issues, and here’s the deal, if we can’t fix it, you won’t see a charge. But if we do, you’re covered with a solid two-year warranty on the repair.

Getting your console back on track is a breeze, simply bring to our Store to book your device for a swift repair. Let’s keep those gaming sessions going strong!

Common PS5 Console Problems:

  • Rest mode issues
  • Disc drive noises and failures
  • HDMI and display problems
  • DualSense controller connectivity
  • Download and installation errors
  • Performance and stability issues
  • Networking and online service issues
  • Storage and data transfer problems
  • Power issues