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Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop screens are more fragile and can be easily damaged when laptops are dropped. Broken glass cannot be repaired so if your laptop screen is cracked or leaking, Laptop screen replacement is the only option.

At Casper Computer Repair, we offerĀ fast andĀ economical laptop screen repair servicesĀ  for all cracked or broken screen problems. We replace broken screens on all current models of laptops and notebooks at a price you can afford. Laptops with broken screens can be restored to full functionality for a fraction of the cost of buying a new laptop.

Common Screen faults

  • Pink hue tint
  • Dim dispaly or Dark Screen
  • No display Black screen
  • Lines on screen
  • Washed out, fuzzy, Green screen

Cracked Screen? Images keep flickering? Does your laptop boot up but after a while fades to black? No Problem! We have options for you.

Does your LCD screen flicker and show a faint image? The Inverter controls the power going to your backlights and may be causing this problem.

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