Computer Repairs in Bradford

Computer Repairs in Bradford

Casper Computer Repair in Bradford

With over 15 years experience in laptop & computer repairs in Bradford no wonder why we are one of Bradford favorite computer repair shop near me
We DO NOT charge a call out fee or VAT.

Computer repair near me

Most problems are solved in less than 1 hour. If however the job is longer. We have a NO fix NO fee policy, so computer and laptop repair shop near me is your choice

We are a registered Age UK Trusted Trader.

Call for a chat 6 days a week to local laptop & computer repair service in Bradford between:contact1

9am – 6pm on Monday to Saturday

Sundays closed
Call to Casper Computer Repair in Bradford on 01274 39 83 40
If we’re with another customer just leave a message and we’ll get back to you.
Internet Problems? Then call to Casper Computer Repairs in Bradford.
The Internet is central to most things we do on the computer today, so when it stops working it can be very annoying and you will usually want it fixing fast at Casper Computer Repair near me.

Sometimes the Internet is working but there is a wireless problem and it’s not always easy¬†to understand what’s going on.

Very often wireless networks do not always reach all the corners of the house that¬†you want it to. Either way we will diagnose the problem quickly and in most cases be able¬†to fix it within an hour.¬†Sometimes the problem can be a faulty telephone line in which case I will leave the service¬†provider with all the information they need to test the line and repair the fault. We will talk¬†to the service provider on your behalf if you prefer. I know many of my customers dread¬†having to deal with call center personnel who can be a little “technical”, but it is worth the wait.

One of the biggest complaints we receive is about slow computers. Most people have or know someone that is suffering from a slow computer. This can be one of the most frustrating problems of using a computer. Computers & Laptops become slow over a period of time by using the Internet. They can also slow down by having old programs that no longer work very well or software corruption. Many people will just buy a new computer but this is usually not necessary. To fix that go to:

First save all your data, photos, documents, music etc.¬†Then we will fix it at our shop at Casper Computer Repair¬†and we will return it to you within…….

Laptop Repair near me

Computers can be picked up from Casper Computer & Laptop Repair
We also teach people how to fix their computers, laptops at Casper Computer Repair in Bradford.

We can teach you how to reset windows, build a computer, how to repair laptop screen, apply parts and many more¬†things. It’s much more simpler than you think it is.

Have a Virus? Casper Computer Repairs in Bradford help you.
The reason viruses exist has changed more over time. A few years ago viruses were sent to infect our¬†computers by bright but morally “challenged” individuals who liked to “do it because they¬†could”. They fall into the same category as yobs who spray graffiti on walls. Nowadays¬†however it’s very different. Most modern day viruses are sent by organised criminals in¬†order to extort whatever they can from us. This could be passwords, usernames, private¬†information or credit card details, basically they want to rob us of our money.¬†But don’t worry. At Casper Computer and Laptop Repair we can apply an anti-virus (usually Kaspersky,¬†but we can apply any other one of your choice) for a very cheap price of ¬£30 per year.

At Casper Computer & Laptop Repair in Bradford we offer the cheapest prices around Bradford.

One of the other worst things that could happen to your computer or laptop is if it breaks down and you haven’t saved any of the work you’ve done; photographs, documents music, you name it.¬†But don’t worry; at Casper Computer Repair in Bradford we can recover all your lost data.¬†Just give us a call and we can figure things out.¬†We could also give you advice on the best ways to back up your computer or laptop if you wish.

Is your computer, laptop, Game console PS4 / PS5 causing you problems? Have you suffered a server crash and need a speedy repair service?

Then make sure that you get in touch with Casper Computer Repair in Bradford! We offer full on-site computer, laptop repairs and game console repair providing a quick and efficient service to ensure that you don’t suffer any longer. Our fully trained engineers are able to help with a wide range of computer and laptop problems, dealing with everything from faulty hardware to virus removals. Whether you need to recover missing data or you have a problematic printer, give us a call on 01274 39 83 40 and we will help as soon as possible.

Or you can pay us a visit at Casper Computer Repair in Bradford and get your quote.

Why go to Casper Computer Repair near me?
As well as our no obligation, no fix no fee policy and free collection and return service we have these great reasons to go to Casper Computer Repair in Bradford

Ten reasons to choose Casper Computer and Laptop Repair in Bradford

1 РCasper computer repair in Bradford offer a friendly, honest and polite service.

2 – Casper computer repair in Bradford will give a free honest no strings consultation, advice and estimate on your computer or laptop issues.

3 ‚Äď Casper computer repair in Bradford will keep you informed of the progress of your repair.

4 РNo fix no fee, if we can’t repair your pc, laptop, PS4 / PS5 console or XBOX there will be no charge.

5 ‚Äď We will collect and return your pc, laptop,¬† console for repair free of charge.

6 – On completion of your repair we will offer ongoing support with any issues relating to your repair.

7 – 10% discount is available to all students and senior citizens.

8 РWe will perform a free security check on your laptop and where needed install Kaspersky internet security for a very cheap price of £30 a year.

9 РWe are available to take your inquiry 10:00 am till 18:00 pm six days a week.

10 – Popular location and walk in service, Casper computer repair in Bradford are centrally located in Bradford City Centre at BD1 2AW , 26 Barry Street . No appointment is needed just call in and receive a friendly no strings consultation.

Computer and Laptop Repairs

PS4 Repair near me

Casper Computer Repair offer the following upgrades, repairs and services

  • Memory Upgrades (RAM)
  • Data Recovery
  • HDD Upgrades
  • Problems with performance i.e. slow computer, laptop
  • Laptop Overheating
  • Replacement screens, Laptop screen repair
  • Replacement hinges
  • Replacement keyboards
  • Replacement Cooling fans
  • Power supply units (chargers )
  • Laptop Batteries replacement
  • DC jack replacement ( power input connector )
  • Motherboard replacement and repair
  • Virus and Malware removal
  • Factory restore reformat
  • Disc clean up
  • XBOX console repair
  • PS4 / PS5 repair service
  • Password reset and recovery
  • Software installation and upgrades
  • Laptop repair

All this is offered at Casper Computer Repair in Bradford.

We offer extremely cheap prices and high quality service in a quick time all repairs will be done in less than a week for sure.

Free no obligation consultation and estimates at Casper Computer Repair in Bradford

Free collection and return service.

No fix no fee.

Walk in service no appointment needed.

PS5 Repair near me

Casper computer repair in Bradford cover repairs, including PC’s, Laptops, Consoles, ; all makes and models at a very cheap price at Casper Computer and Laptop Repair in Bradford. As people are relying on technology more and more we recognize the need for a speedy professional service that is a real joy to use. We offer a No Fix No Fee service. Our quotes are bespoke tailored for each individual customer.

We believe in keeping things simple and keeping you informed every step of the way. On our Home page and Services Page at you will find a list of most of the problems you may know or have. Our aim is to keep the costs low, and the quality high for our customers whilst ensuring your computer is up to date and running smoothly.

We offer on site repairs at Casper Computer Repair office (where possible) with one of our highly skilled technicians will come to your office or home and repair the computer and laptop network or other device. We could just dump a huge selection of computers and laptops on our website but we believe every computer or laptop should be custom build to suit the individual needs.

Our experienced Technicians know what specifications you will need after you have answered a couple of questions, or if you what you want then we will build that exact computer for you for a cheap price. We have partnered with some of the leading vendors in both hardware and software. This is to ensure that we offer all the latest technology to our ever growing customer base at Casper Computer Repair in Bradford